First Yoga photography session

My first time taking photos was probably over 20 years, holding some random pocket camera that broke after the first film, still remember how much hustle it was to get it fixed and the time you need to wait to see the results, I decided that film is not for me.. until I got myself…

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Sarah Jane Yoga Photos, Rome, Italy - Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography

Sarah Jane Yoga Interview, Rome, Italy

Yoga, what does it mean to you? Yoga is my daily piece of the heart and my peacefulness, but at the sametime it is my strength and steadiness. It’s the “know-who-you-are” and “know-what-you-want” that allows me to cross life path and it has helped me through my whole life! As a teenager I was diagnosed…

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Elisa Devlin Yoga

I’m quite a charmer when it comes to the weather, with help of my angel I managed to stay dry in the hardest winter, bring sun and warm to where there was cold and wet, but when it come to life especially to yoga – Flexibility is at is essence, not of body but of…

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Enrico De Luca Yoga Photos, Naples, Italy - Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography

Enrico De Luca Yoga Interview, Naples, Italy

What first inspired me to become curious practice of Yoga has been my relationship with Nature (through free-climbing or swimming) the research of body experience that would integrate me completely in specific natural environments such as the sea or volcanic rocks. I started to get interested of Yoga when I was 18 as self-taught. After some…

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Lucia Ausilio Yoga Photos, Naples, Italy - Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography

Lucia Ausilio Yoga Interview, Naples, Italy

I used to love nature and open air sport, born on the sea side, sailing, scuba diving, water ski, ski, rock climbing and more, I never ever approach yoga not even when I travelled in India, where I found myself, by chance , living in a Buddhist monastery, and meeting other very spiritual people. Back in Italy a…

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Alessia La Rosa lakshmi home catania sicily italy elad itzkin yoga photography

Alessia La Rosa, Catania, Sicily

My first stop in Italy was in Catania, Sicily, the first person I met was Alessia La Rosa (LakshmiHome), I practice yoga since 2007. I started because I was a little sad, Sharing a small room with 5/6 people. My teacher who made me fall in love with yoga. (original Indian woman) whom later disappeared…

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Martyna Syguda Yoga in Warsaw

I decided that I should take my photos to a place of inspiration for other to do yoga, not only by the beauty of the posture, or the beauty of the yogis who is modelling, but also with their story and life experience, I hope you will like the results and if you wish to…

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Rosalba Maida Yoga Interview, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy, Yoga Photo, Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography

Rosalba Maida Yoga Interview, Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy

Crossing Italy is quite of an experience, My second stop was in Catanzaro, which sits in Calabria region south of Italy, I really enjoyed driving the maze of tunnels and bridges that surround the local mountain scenery, After a long day of driving from Sicily I arrived just on time to take Rosalba Maida class…

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Alva Malka Yoga

I know Alva for sometime now, first time we met in person was in the Om Yoga Show 2013, but we started talking online before that as we have a few friends in common and both of us come from the same little land in the middle east. She has something about her that is…

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