Alessia La Rosa

Yoga Interview, Catania, Sicily

My first stop in Italy was in Catania, Sicily, the first person I met was Alessia La Rosa (LakshmiHome),

I practice yoga since 2007. I started because I was a little sad, Sharing a small room with 5/6 people. My teacher who made me fall in love with yoga. (original Indian woman) whom later disappeared and I don't know where she is now. But in 2009 I met Antonio Bazano, he had just started teaching and together we embarked on the adventure of yoga.

I tell my students I want to convey what for me is yoga, which goes beyond knowing how to make nice poses. I think yoga is a path to find their Buddhahood and to care.
I think that yoga is a discipline that goes beyond words and the asanas. the asana is only a reflection of our mental state. a good practice does not begin with a asana but with an inhale.

Alessia La Rosa lakshmi home catania sicily italy elad itzkin yoga photography

Alessia La Rosa - Lakshmi Home - Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography

My favourite Italian word is "tendenzialmente" I use often. It is a very long Word similiar to a rubber band meaning I remain still and I extend it to everything else, and my favourite Italian food is spaghetti alla carbonara -"Mmmmmm gooood!!!". The Italian tradition that I like most is the mid-August (ferragosto). It is celebrated on 15 August on the beach at night with friends around a fire, dancing, eating and staying together.
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