Elisa Devlin

Yoga Interview, London, UK

I'm quite a charmer when it comes to the weather, with help of my angel I managed to stay dry in the hardest winter, bring sun and warm to where there was cold and wet, but when it come to life especially to yoga - Flexibility is at is essence, not of body but of mind.
The first location me and Elisa choose to do the yoga photography session was in Hampstead

Elisa Devlin Yoga

Elisa Devlin Yoga

heath, a big park with lakes, some woods and lots of green with the amazing view of London spread out at the distance.. it did rain after all on that day although I promised it wouldn't so we went to Camden Town Stables market, something quite magical for me in that location personally, it was a place I visited every day for 2 month when I just moved to London and it's vibes still hold me strong.
I had lots of fun taking photos in the market and I hope it shows in the photos of Elisa which has kindly agreed to answer my questions

Q: How did you find out about yoga?
My mother had always been into esoteric practice and there would be copies of The Bhagavad Gita and The Yoga Sutras of Patangali lying around the house then I took an Ashtanga class and it was love at first Bhanda

Q: How long have you been practicing yoga?
13 years

Q: Why did you decide to start teaching yoga?
Because I love it and you should do what you love in life.

Q: Where did you study teaching yoga?
I did my 200 hrs TT in Los Angeles with Annie Carpenter

Q: how long have you been teaching?
6 years

Q: Was there anything that was hard for you with your own personal practice? How did you overcome it?
I was flexible as a kid then I got into partying and I stiffened up until I could no longer even touch my toes. So I had to start at ground zero again and build my flexibility’s back.

Q: how did yoga improve your life?
Its not so much as improved, rather it saved my life.

Q: Personal motto?
Go big or go home. Live your life and love your Yoga.

Elisa Devlin