Martyna Syguda

Yoga Interview, Warsaw, Poland

I decided that I should take my photos to a place of inspiration for other to do yoga, not only by the beauty of the posture, or the beauty of the yogis who is modelling, but also with their story and life experience, I hope you will like the results and if you wish to take part, please don’t be shy and contact me – World wide apply!

A few question I asked Martyna Syguda

Yoga Transition

Yoga Transition

Q: How did you find out about yoga?
A: I was looking for a book to read and just by accident - if you believe in accidents - I came across „Light on Yoga” by B.K.S. Iyengar. I was mostly interested in the theoretic part, but then I tried some of the easy sequences that were described in the book. Soon afterwards I discovered a TV show which was combining physical practice, relaxation and philosophy. After the practice I felt so great that the next day I rolled out the mat again, and then again... After 5 years of every day home practice I moved to Warsaw to study psychology and I met my first teacher who introduced me to Ashtanga Yoga. And then I went to India...

Q: How long have you been practising yoga? Where did you study teaching yoga? And how long have you been teaching?
A: I have been practising for more than 12 years, teaching for 4. I completed a teacher training in Poland, but honestly, I don’t think I have learnt much there. My teacher always says that the best teacher training is 10 years of personal practice... and I totally agree. Yoga is a process and you have to go through your own „therapy” to help others.

Q: Was there anything that was hard for you with your own personal practice? And how did you overcome it?
A: So many things were (and still are) hard! I could mention some poses that were difficult for me and took me years to accomplish, but the hardest part is to stay focused, get rid of attachments and to still the mind that is distracted by so many things. And thinking of something more down-to-earth - waking up early in the morning, which is part of Ashtanga routine and in India means getting up around 3am! But relaxed body, calm mind and the contentment I feel after the practice are worth the effort

Q: Personal motto?
A: The real yoga practice happens in your head and lasts for 24 hours a day.

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