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Yoga Interview, Naples, Italy

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What first inspired me to become curious practice of Yoga has been my relationship with Nature (through free-climbing or swimming) the research of body experience that would integrate me completely in specific natural environments such as the sea or volcanic rocks. I started to get interested of Yoga when I was 18 as self-taught. After some time, just like the old saying says, I felt ready and began to meet the first teachers and masters. At 25, after my second degree I decided to make my first Teacher Training and then I started teaching. Now I'm 28.

What I try to transmit through my teaching is the development of Liberty through the curiosity and self-knowledge through conscious movement and sensation of feeling alive .

The best moments of my teaching is when a student thanks you for its practical changes implemented in their daily lives through the experience of the practice.

I think Yoga is born and is primarily a necessity of the Body. Body as a whole flesh and nervous system, the mind does not exist outside of reality that contains it and making it possible. Yoga is never just mental or physical only, otherwise it is not Yoga, we are a microcosm connected with the macrocosm, and Yoga allows us to unite and harmonize our Body and our Will with All.

I'm Neapolitan or better Partenopeo, Parthenope is the mermaid who killed herself for love of Ulysses and from his body was born first Partenope and then Napoli. I say this because my first language is Neapolitan which is UNESCO heritage. My favorite word in Neapolitan is Ammor, that means Amore, Love. I like this word because It reminds the swirling sound of the sea. My favorite food is the original Pizza. My favorite tradition is our love for the sea the sun and the music.

I believe that Yoga actually has a very strong and useful impact in the world. Yoga is a universal language, a natural need, original experience that if spread through all its various manifestations can really pragmatically contribute to building a more peaceful humanity, and respectful of Beauty, Love and Nature.

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