Vania Ybarra

Yoga Interview, Rome, Italy

Vania Ybarra Yoga Photos, Rome, Italy - Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography

"Yoga is whatever is happening to us right now"

My yoga practice started in my teens -17 years ago to be precise- under the guidance of an Indian nun in mission in my home country, Paraguay. A couple of years later my mom would become a yoga teacher. I was at the uni then. Parties, late night studying, nothing would stop me from showing up to her first class at 5am. The everyday yoga bliss promise would work the charm. 12 years later in Italy encouraged by her I would become a yoga teacher myself.

Yoga is a never ending training. It educates us on patience, humbleness, tolerance. It teaches us how to be fully present to reality as it is - in our mat, in our meditation cushion, at home, at work, in the street.

Like everyone I have experienced physical and psychological pitfalls in my life. Nutritional disorders, romantic failures, bone fractures, the loss of my mom, yoga would always be there to lift me up and show me in both a rigorous and tender way the learning value of each episode.

More and more people are embracing yoga as part of their lifestyle. This is amazing good news. As the the number of yoga practitioners rises so does the bar of wellbeing, consciousness and tolerance. A slow and steady worldwide shift is taking place. As practitioners it is our duty to keep the flame alive. Spread the love, spread the light. Namaste IG @vaniayoga