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Julia White at Alexandra Palace

Julia White Yoga

Alexandra Palace is magnificent building you see from the train travelling north of London, For some reason I never found the right time to visit that place so when Julia White offer it as a location for our Yoga photography session I just jumped on the opportunity. Was really a fun day, lots of laughs in…

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Alva Malka Yoga

I know Alva for sometime now, first time we met in person was in the Om Yoga Show 2013, but we started talking online before that as we have a few friends in common and both of us come from the same little land in the middle east. She has something about her that is…

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Elisa Devlin Yoga

I’m quite a charmer when it comes to the weather, with help of my angel I managed to stay dry in the hardest winter, bring sun and warm to where there was cold and wet, but when it come to life especially to yoga – Flexibility is at is essence, not of body but of…

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Acro yoga in the streets of London

It’s quite amazing how the world turn on its axis, a word sent in one direction can twist and turn and end up in the other side of the planet. That was quite the case when I sent my request to Julia G way back in July to see if she would be interested to…

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First Yoga photography session

My first time taking photos was probably over 20 years, holding some random pocket camera that broke after the first film, still remember how much hustle it was to get it fixed and the time you need to wait to see the results, I decided that film is not for me.. until I got myself…

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Stillness in Chinatown

There is point in life that you been inspired, I was inspired by yoga, it’s beauty, it’s stillness that can move mountain, not with force but with strength, and I was inspired by a very talented photographer named Danny Santos who I follow through facebook and have very

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