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Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography is more than just Yoga Photography and more than just in London. We offer a full stack of branding solutions for Yogis, Fitness Instructors and Studios. Packages are available to suit your exact needs, tailored to perfection with the highest quality.

Select the right yoga photography package for you

Portrait Package

£150 / 1 hour
  • Unlimited Postures
  • Unlimited Outfit changes
  • 1 Locations
  • Get all the best photos from the day

Urban / Nature

£300 / 2-3 hours
  • Unlimited Postures
  • Unlimited Outfit changes
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Get all the best photos from the day
  • Google Drive File Transfer
  • 7 Working days delivery (Usually less)


£££ / 2-3 hours
  • Let's talk about all of it and get the right price for you

Other services

Logo / B-Card / Flyer

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card design
  • Flyer Design

Yoga / Fitness website

  • Typographical Logo out of your name
  • Business cards design
  • WordPress Website
  • Help with setting up social networks
  • Help with setting up Email account
  • As much support as you might need to get started

Tech Support

£60 / per hour
  • Support for you current website
  • Support for you current social
  • Support for you current Email account


  • Travel expenses are not included unless stated otherwise
  • Traveling outside London takes time and might add an extra to the total price
  • photos will be delivered no later than 7 working days*, 360 interactive photos will be delivered no later than 14 working days*
  • All photos will be delivered by Google Drive, We do not store the digital photographs for unlimited time. After confirmation of receiving the photographs, we will hold them for another 3 months.
  • We reserve the right to use all the images for our portfolio on the website, and social media unless otherwise stated before the session

* Delivery time for UK based photography session, World wide yoga photography session might required more time


Kate Francis Testimonial

I met with Elad for our yoga photo shoot in London recently and was instantly pleased that I had chosen him to do the shoot. The photos were creative and fun, he was friendly and professional, supportive and encouraging and easy to work with. He made me feel at ease and we had a nice time, it was really fun and definitely inspiring. I look forward to working with Elad again in the future as we both continue to build on our exciting careers in this wonderful world of yoga. Kate Francis Yoga Photos Kate Francis Yoga in 360 degrees 

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Hana Difrawy – Limber Stretch Testimonial

I am so happy to recommend a wonderful photographer. From the moment I contacted Elad he was efficient, professional and enthusiastic. When I searched for Elad I was looking for a photographer who could do a photoshoot for us to portray my yoga brand Limber Stretch and our latest collection of yoga leggings. Within just a couple of days of contacting Elad he already had replied to me with some fantastic ideas for locations, models and he’d already set a date that could work for all of us. I sent over what we needed to be photographed and everything was done perfectly. He contacted me throughout the day to update me on the shoot and send me some behind the scenes footage and just a couple of days after that I had a beautiful collection of edited photos ready to promote my brand. I would recommend Elad to anyone looking for high end photography and a great person to work with. Limber Stretch website Limber Stretch photos

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Conrad Freese Testimonial

The best thing about using Elad as a photographer was how enjoyable the process was – and the great photos that came as a result of that. We spent the morning scouting out the town and finding good places to take fun and visually stunning photos. Elad has a great eye for being able to frame a photo and being able to coax the best from his subjects, using locations that made the photos unique and distinguished. Elad’s talent and creativity gave a unique perspective that drew the city into the picture, rather than having it as an interesting backdrop to a fancy yoga pose. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

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Alva Malka Testimonial

I’ve been following Elad’s work on social networks and via his website for a long time. Could not be happier when finally he find a time to meet me. We’ve had a wonderful walk in Richmond park and fantastic conversations, so the postures and photography felt very natural and lots of fun! (even to a camera shy person like me!) I recommend Elad and this great experience that he’s offering with all my heart – and the results? Amazingly beautiful photos. Om Namah Sivaya Elad! Article & short interview from my meeting with Alva Malka Alva Yoga

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Ruta Yoga – Testimonial

Elad has taken photos of me on a few occasions. I was very pleased with the photos and used them to promote my yoga business. I really enjoyed having photoshoots with Elad as he made me feel really comfortable and made the whole experience very enjoyable. Ruta Yoga photography session in Regent’s Park, London

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Richard Brook, Creative Yoga London – Testimonial

I’ve worked with numerous photographers at Creative Yoga London over the last few years and I have to say Elad was amazing. One of the things that struck me most, alongside the quality of his work was the way he seamlessly integrated into the event itself. This is obviously immensely important as the last thing you want at a yoga class or event is an obtrusive photographer. The quality of the work it was superb, but also the speed in which he sent the pictures over to us was exceptional as we had a tight deadline. On top of this he also produced us a video which went way beyond our expectations. I thoroughly recommend Elad to anyone out there! Thanks again, Richard and team at Creative Yoga London Creative Yoga London Yoga Rave Photos

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Celest Pereira Testimonial

Elad is not just a great photographer, he is super easy to work with. He goes beyond the call of duty and makes an effort to make you feel at ease. All in all the biggest and most important thing, is that shoots with Elad are FUN! I can’t recommend this guy enough. Celest Pereira –

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Clare Louise Connolly testimonial

Elad and I had a really fun photography session one early morning wandering around the London sites. It was brilliant we got some fantastic shots. I was very pleased with the final results. thanks Elad! Clare facebook page

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Claire Lalande Testimonial

Working with Elad is a real pleasure. I had the privilege to do two photoshoots with him, and both times were fun and very professional. He has a very unique way to make you comfortable even in public, and is gifted at both giving you the freedom to practice and express your yoga, and adding his professional eye and opinion. Both sessions produced some really awesome shots! “ Claire Sunny Yoga Claire Sunny Yoga facebook page Claire Sunny Yoga, Geneva – Gallery

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Grace Brownlie Testimonial

When Elad contacted me proposing that he photograph me, I was pretty hesitant, partly because I didn’t consider myself to be a ‘worthy’ subject, and partly because I am incredibly camera shy. But, I was intrigued, and when I looked at the work he had done, I felt honored that he had offered me this amazing opportunity. And as it happens, his enthusiasm and relaxed nature made being photographed doing yoga in a very public space, seem totally natural! I am delighted with the photos he has taken, and the whole experience has greatly boosted my confidence. So, I would like to say a big “thank you!” Elad, not just for the great photos, but for your encouragement and kindness. Namaste Grace Brownlie interview & photos

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