First Yoga photography session

My first time taking photos was probably over 20 years, holding some random pocket camera that broke after the first film, still remember how much hustle it was to get it fixed and the time you need to wait to see the results, I decided that film is not for me.. until I got myself…

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Kasey Yoga

My second yogi for the Geneva adventure was Kasey Barbey Sallurday, a month before we met she had given birth to her first child yet even on the basic of postures you can feel the awareness of the now. Thank to her I got to meet two other yogis, so my deepest gratitude for the…

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Enrico De Luca Yoga Photos, Naples, Italy - Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography

Enrico De Luca Yoga Interview, Naples, Italy

What first inspired me to become curious practice of Yoga has been my relationship with Nature (through free-climbing or swimming) the research of body experience that would integrate me completely in specific natural environments such as the sea or volcanic rocks. I started to get interested of Yoga when I was 18 as self-taught. After some…

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Krakow Yoga Photography session

Krakow is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland, I have been to Poland on many occasions before but somehow never manage to find myself in Krakow before last weekend; I was invited to a wedding which was just a wonderful opportunity, I decided to extend my trip for couple more days,…

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Tanya Gilat Yoga, Israel

I started my project of taking yogis photos in the places I visit and it build up slowly, although currently I’m living in London, UK, Israel is where I was born and raised so taking photos there was quite of an interesting experience for me, I choose to stay near the sea in the two…

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Meghan Rozanski Yoga Photos, Boston, Massachusetts, United State of America - Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography

Meghan Rozanski Yoga Interview, Boston, Massachusetts, United State of America

Yoga, what does it mean to you? Yoga is almost all of my life. It’s my job 6 days a week and what I like to do on my own when I’m not working. 80% of my life is spent inside the studio, teaching or being taught. I started practicing yoga a long time ago.…

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Getting ready for your yoga photography session with a professional yoga photographer

Like everything in life preparation is the key to success; preparing for yoga photography shouldn’t be different. Here is a guideline for a successful session: A list of postures! I honestly believe that the best photos of yoga is the ones where the yogi felt comfortable in the posture. Start with a list of 16 main…

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Elisa Devlin Yoga

I’m quite a charmer when it comes to the weather, with help of my angel I managed to stay dry in the hardest winter, bring sun and warm to where there was cold and wet, but when it come to life especially to yoga – Flexibility is at is essence, not of body but of…

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Pregnancy Yoga photo session with Gilli

When I visited Israel in August this year I met Gilli, 8 month pregnant yogi teacher who agreed to model and answer a few question for my Yoga photography website, her soft graceful touch to yoga shine through her posture, and reading her story personally inspired me, I hope you will also be inspired! Q:…

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