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Mironel de Wilde, Geneva

Mironel de Wilde Yoga

When yoga transformed from east to west somehow it seem to have the reputation of a more feminine practice, in most yoga classes I took I been the only guy, and when it comes to yoga teaching I have found it a bit harder to get a man yoga teacher to model for me on my travel…

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Jennie Yoga, Geneva

Jennie was the first person who accepted my request for yogis to model for me in Geneva, she didn’t had much time to spare but we did get the most out of it, do read her answers to my questions, so many places to relate and be inspired by her path and beautiful yoga! Q:…

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Kasey Yoga

My second yogi for the Geneva adventure was Kasey Barbey Sallurday, a month before we met she had given birth to her first child yet even on the basic of postures you can feel the awareness of the now. Thank to her I got to meet two other yogis, so my deepest gratitude for the…

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Claire Yoga, Geneva

My first Yogi on my weekend in Geneva were Claire, we met up at Les Bains des Paquis with the view of the city of Geneva, the lake and the beautiful Mountains that surround it – Breathe taking A few questions that I asked Claire to share and inspire which I can relate to some with…

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