Stillness in Chinatown

There is point in life that you been inspired, I was inspired by yoga, it’s beauty, it’s stillness that can move mountain, not with force but with strength, and I was inspired by a very talented photographer named Danny Santos who I follow through facebook and have very

Charli yoga in Chinatown, London

Charli yoga in Chinatown, London

interesting street photography where he just stop random people and take their photos something that I find amazing as I do not share his courage in approaching strangers One of his work was a book cover for Jim Rogers  which the moment I saw it I know that I will try to do something similar, just with yoga. With the help of my lovely dear friend Yoga with Charli we got to Chinatown in central London on one of the weekends day, more people the better. The funny part of that day was that although she was doing some awesome yoga poses, some of the tourist around start taking photos of me taking photos of her, Go figure 😀 So here are the results of my photos inspired by a great artist, taken down in Chinatown, London.

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