First Yoga photography session

Clare Yoga

Clare Yoga

My first time taking photos was probably over 20 years, holding some random pocket camera that broke after the first film, still remember how much hustle it was to get it fixed and the time you need to wait to see the results, I decided that film is not for me.. until I got myself the Canon EOS 300d, the first affordable SLR, I didn’t do much photography but the moment I got that camera, I never stopped.

My first time photographing yoga, Well¬†I been practising yoga for the past 10 years on and off and since I moved to London, there was only one place for my practice, the incredible awesome Indaba yoga studio, it has everything I was looking for, great staff that greet you with a smile and a hug (well if they get to know you better ūüôā ) amazing teachers, great studios to practice, a few soft-lighted rooms for the nice treatments they offer and great clean facilities for the after shower.

There I also met Clare, her morning Hot Power Hour classes are just perfect balance between waking up-to, great exercise and brilliant energy to fill you up and to carry on throughout the day, after practising with her morning class for some period of time I asked her if she would like to model for me, Indaba yoga studio allowed us to use one of their studios and the result is here

Also check her Dharma Mittra classes, she is very attentive and each class that I been was a great challenge and joy.  

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