Getting ready for your yoga photography session with a professional yoga photographer

Like everything in life preparation is the key to success; preparing for yoga photography shouldn’t be different.

Here is a guideline for a successful session:

  1. A list of postures! I honestly believe that the best photos of yoga is the ones where the yogi felt comfortable in the posture. Start with a list of 16 main postures (and a few variations), don’t complicate, don’t try to impress with postures your body isn’t fully built into doing, as strain will show easily in the photo. No photo is worth physically hurting yourself.
  2. Outfit can be a key for a great photo session, yoga fashion isn’t a new term and all yogis have their unique style. From my personal experience, colours and patterns on leggings work best. Black will swallow the shadows and fade the depth, therefore I advise against it. It is ideal to carry different outfit to choose from. One will be more suitable in a specific location and another somewhere else. Another point to remember is that yoga photos are all about the body, the muscles and the twists. With that in mind, try to use outfits that are like a second skin, no loose shirts that will hide a backbend or your face in an inversion.
  3. Hair hair hair, some have more some have less… If you do have long hair make sure to have hairband or hairpins to keep it at bay and off your beautiful face, because it’s not only about the yoga it’s also about you and you are beautiful.
  4. Yoga mat? Not a must but if you have sensitive feet/hands, remember bringing one, especially on the urban exploring.
  5. Makeup? I find that all yogis look amazing natural, but if you do feel to have a touch of makeup, keep it light and simple.
  6. Location location location! It can be the key to a great photography session. The best locations for an outdoor yoga photography session is the ones you feel a connection with, but not only: nature is an easy choice, the urban landscape, local monuments and places of history can add a nice edge.
  7. Weather… It can be unpredictable, but if the date is set and you keep a happy playful spirit, even on a rainy day a rainbow of opportunities can arise!
  8. Trust your photographer. It’s useful to have expectations and to communicate them. It’s great to have an idea of what type of photos you wish, that you look online or in yoga magazines and share your vision before hand. But have faith in your photographer, and remember why you chose him/her.
  9. Keeping high spirit really helps. Weather is tricky, conditions change, roads close and things happen – regardless, the show must go on!
  10. Get excited! It’s a fun experience set all about playfulness and joy. When you see a funky opportunity, take it. You just remembered a cool posture you saw on Instagram and wanted to try, go for it. Just remember to breathe, smile and enjoy the time in front of the camera.
Eleonora Cosner Yoga Photos, Tuscany, Italy - Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography

Eleonora Cosner Yoga Photos, Tuscany, Italy – Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography

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