My work in the last few years in the yoga community has been part of an idea, a mission, a calling to help spread yoga.

I have established that the way to do so is by helping yoga teachers focus on what they are good at; by taking the technical stuff into my hand leaving them to do what they are meant to do - teach.

My help goes far beyond yoga photography, I also provide branding, logos, websites and platform for yoga teachers to communicate with their customers.

Emma Bonnici & Davin Jones Kanga Yoga Scorpio love at Yoga Connects Festival
Limber Stretch Leggings


If you are a yoga teacher, an active wear brand or a studio from anywhere around Europe and you are interested in getting some yoga photos done for personal or business use I would love to hear from you.

I offer different packages and price range for Urban, Nature and Studio photography and would be keen to create a package especially for your budget.


Like everything in life preparation is the key to success; preparing for yoga photography shouldn’t be different.

Even if your path is with another Yoga Photographer read my article how to make the most from your Yoga Photography Session

Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography - Anna Kiyhankhadiv ELAD9692
Elad Itzkin Yoga Photography - Melissa Zelaya


As being part of the yoga community I was lucky to work with amazing people from all over the place.

Make sure to check my galleries and their testimonials.

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Article about my Cross Italy on Corriere Dello Sport - Da Milano a Napoli, tutti i volti dello yoga immortalati dal fotografo israeliano

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